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Performance is Everything

From process to product, performance drives all

At MultiTech Industries, we’re obsessed with performance. The highest levels of performance aren’t just handed out to everyone who shows up. Phrases like “zero defects per million” or “you really saved us on that job” are heard regularly at MultiTech because every fiber of our organization is committed to performing better for our customers than even their own expectations.

How do we do performance? It starts with our mission of being the best in class in everything we do, without exception. This commitment is lived out each day on our shop floor, through processes like daily Gemba walks to ferret out inefficiencies and missed opportunities or MultiTech’s Skorboard system measuring our ability to maintain stringent production metrics in real time. Perhaps it’s our rigorous product tolerance testing carried out in state of the art facilities at every location. There, our CMM’s, vision systems, contour tracers, tensile testers and an array of other devices are hard at work each day, ensuring the delivery of flawless quality from the first time and every time thereafter.

Performance also comes from our team’s commitment to being an extension of our customers, as members of their own team, anticipating their needs til every necessary component is delivered and in our customers’ own production lines.

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Beginning-To-End Solutions

MultiTech’s engineering, manufacturing and distribution services bring single-source simplicity & unsurpassed quality

In MultiTech’s quest to deliver our customers the highest quality parts and assemblies, we quickly determined that controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process (from engineering to testing to final production and distribution through our own facilities) resulted in the best products being produced more reliably, more efficiently and often, more cost-effectively than any other means available. Today, MultiTech offers:

  • Assembly Operations
  • Cold Headed Fasteners
  • Stampings
  • Machined Components
  • Wire Forming
  • Springs
  • Engineering
  • Distribution
  • Inventory Management
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