Narrowing the Gap.

MultiTech’s processes, partners and programs ensure the right parts and products get to your dock, right when you need them.

MultiTech knows that keeping our customers’ production lines rolling round the clock is job one. Helping them get there, and stay there, starts with having all the right resources and relationships in place.

Whether it's one or our 14 North American or International facilities or our 25+ years of supply chain & materials management (KanBan, JIT, VMI), everything we do is geared towards localizing the products our customers need. It's about narrowing the gap, creating much-needed proximity between product and producer.

Taking Global out of Global Sourcing

International product manufacturing can often seem like the “Wild West.” Inconsistent product quality, shipping delays and other factors can kill profits and productivity. MultiTech removes all of these, firmly planting our boots on the ground in key countries, then hand-picking international supply partners, investing in relationships with them and continuously training and developing their QC standards through our own rigorous APQP processes.

  • 10 U.S. and 4 International Manufacturing or Distribution Facilities
  • International Supplier Development Programs
  • Integrated Delivery and Quality systems (Kan Ban, JIT, VMI, APQP)
  • Best-in-class awards for domestic and internationally-sourced product
  • Four-month standard inventory for select customer parts

Distributed Products

Beyond MultiTech’s own best-in-class manufactured products, as a value-added service, we also manage the inventory and distribution of parts and products distributed by third party sources, too.  A sampling of these products can be found below. 

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