The Leadership Team

Experienced and performance-driven, MultiTech’s
well-balanced leadership team brings warmth,
knowledge and perspective to every interaction.

Rahul Parikh


The visionary and co-founder of the company, Rahul brings years of experience in both engineering and multiple-levels of manufacturing components. Rahul passionately pursues the integration of quality, manufacturing and financial management into all aspects of MultiTech’s operations.

Tom Falcone

Executive Vice President

Tom is co-founder of MultiTech and a savvy manufacturing veteran of more than 40 years. His progressive mindset continually finds ways to connect customer needs with new or existing solutions. Tom’s deep manufacturing knowledge, sales and management know-how are pivotal to MultiTech’s growth and development.

Anthony Falcone

Director of Business Development

Anthony has served at MultiTech for over 10 years, leading sales and marketing efforts. His customer-first mindset, combined with tremendous knowledge of all facets of the company’s products and processes, bring tremendous value to each and every customer relationship.

Dustin Slawinski

Director of Continuous Improvement and Quality

As the torchbearer of MultiTech’s commitment to quality, Dustin incorporates intensive lean manufacturing principles (Kaizen 5-S Initiatives like Gemba Walks, OEE boards, etc.) into all aspects of the manufacturing processes. This refinement combined with a zero defects mentality deliver the highest levels of efficiency and best in class quality, meaning greater product quality and savings to our customers.

Debbie Meyers

Director of Materials

One of MultiTech’s longest tenured employees (19 years), Debbie knows all the in’s and out’s of the industry and the company’s products. Her extensive background in materials management has helped turn the concept of 100% on-time delivery into MultiTech’s reality.

Joel Brown

Director of Finance

Joel brings 20+ years of action-oriented financial leadership and the ability to develop sound, real-world strategies to Multitech’s customers. His well-rounded perspective gained from the manufacturing, technology and service sectors, allow him to develop and implement predictive models and activity-based financial analysis for greater cost-savings and efficiencies.

Bryan Heller

Chief Information Officer

Bryan brings over 30 years of executive and entrepreneurial management experience as an ERP systems integrator and operations manager. Multitech benefits from Bryan’s perspective and wide-ranging, industry-tested skill set honed though the successful design and implementation of custom systems. The industries he’s served are truly diverse: his expertise spans the manufacturing, distribution, shipbuilding, medical systems and financial services sector.

Brian Woods

Director of Cost and Supply Chain

Brian brings 30+ years of procurement and management experience (21 of them at MTI alone). He has opened and managed three MTI facilities before being elevated into his current role at corporate. There, he is responsible for all elements of cost and their resulting impact to MultiTech. Brian's focus on overall business process implementation and ongoing improvement provides the foundation for achieving MTI’s success-driven metrics.
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