Engineered For Smarter Solutions

MultiTech’s in-house engineering capabilities and subject matter experts provide the perfect incubator for our best-in-class products

How does a manufacturing company create products that perform better while maximizing cost savings? By engineering those products themselves.

Engineering Means Smarter Solutions

MultiTech was founded by engineers and continues to see engineering as the difference between being just a commodity-based order taker or a true solution maker it is today. This investment in R&D has driven MultiTech to hire dedicated subject matter experts who specialize in fasteners, machined components, springs & wire forms, stampings & tooling, assembly & mechanisms and metallurgy, too.

MultiTech’s engineering team can receive any dimensional data provided in Catia, Unigraphics or AutoCAD files. From there, we'll turn that data into useable files, completing the project in SOLIDWORKS.® From here, cost-effective 3D models are produced in-house to create a pre-prototype visual before further prototyping occurs. FEA analysis of prototypes provide even greater predictive data before manufacturing begins.

  • VAVE Application Engineering
  • Pre-protyping and prototyping produced on-site
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
  • Design assistance
  • Technical classes in all commodities available
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