From Prototype to Production

A cradle-to-grave, single source supplier, MultiTech brings unparalleled unity to the assembly production process.

Enjoy perfect fit and function from the get-go with MultiTech’s fully integrated assembly operations. From CAD data to finished assembly, our assemblies go from prototype to production without leaving our facilities. Whether a product is cast, forged, cold formed, extruded or anything in between, MultiTech’s quality assurance systems ensure the assembly will perform time after time (our products often last longer than the vehicles they reside in).

Debugged. Proven. Then Locally Sourced.

MultiTech designs and builds our products on our assembly lines, customizing them to each customer’s needs. Here, our assemblies are debugged, proven, then these processes are replicated closer to our customer's production facilities at one of our 14 U.S. and International facilities. A prime example of this are MultiTech’s extensive armrest assemblies manufactured at several locations for GM, Ford, Audi and VW.

Automated Robotic Welding

  • Resistance
  • TIG & MIG
  • Spot & Plasma

Mechanical Assembly

  • Riveting, Orbital & Spin
  • Staking
  • Hardware Insertion
  • General assembly

Armrest Assemblies

  • Armrest Product 10
  • Armrest Product 9
  • Armrest Product 8
  • Armrest Product 7
  • Armrest Product 6
  • Armrest Product 5
  • Armrest Product 4
  • Armrest Product 3
  • Armrest Product 3
  • Armrest Product 1
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